05-19.09.2016 | MIGHT AND MAIN | The Penthouse – Manchester UK
23-28.09.2016 | MIGHT AND MAIN – Open Studio | The Penthouse – Manchester UK
05.10.2016 | MIGHT AND MAIN – Symposium | The Penthouse – Manchester UK

PARASITE INTERACTION is a video installation, expressing the parallel between parasitism and the situation of the Penthouse, in the specific context of regeneration happening in Manchester city centre. The video fragments, randomly projected, are subject to pixel modulations from the application of scientific diagrams of parasitism behaviours. Giving a new perspective on the complex relation between the building’s disrepair, artists’ occupation of the space and the shadow of a prominent regeneration. The projection on the windows of the observatory that is the Penthouse, and its reflection within the architecture as a feedback, proposes an exploration of how these activities impact, influence and parasite each others in various ways, and what it means for the artist led.

Watch Might & Main,
a documentary directed by Sophie Broadgate about the residency.

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