Performed device
14.01.2017 | Art & Science Critical Forum | Castlefield Gallery – Manchester UK
16.10.2015 | Demain! Les rencontres de la créativité numérique – Festival Maintenant | Rennes FR
17.9-11.10.2015 | Mettre à Jour & Extension | FRAC Bretagne – Rennes FR

ANALYSIS OF… is a reinterpretation of Fortran computer punched cards dating from the 80’s. Fortran, the acronym for Formula Translator, is a programming language created in the 50’s and principaly used for scientific calculation operations. The disruption of it’s original use, which is no longer in use, as a partition for a fabricated music box creates a sensible experience. As the ‘translation’ produce unexpected shifts, this project is not only about the disruption itself, but how it occurs and consequently, what it generates.

Video documentation by Sophie Broadgate.

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