Site-specific performance
23.5.2015 | Cabaret éphémère itinérant / Fête de la Bretagne – Poussières de lune | Brec’h FR
9-11.6.2014 | Dousing #1 | The Penthouse – Manchester UK

DOUSING #2 is a series of site-specific performances based on the circular interaction of a performer within a space, equipped with disrupted wireless remote game controllers into a sound device, producing an immersive live sound scape, variating from each movement. The performer evolves in a specific site by echoeing its architecture through movements and consequently, through sound. Ultimately creating a feedback cycle. DOUSING #2 reflects on the paradox of devices used as a body extention that both triggers and conditions it, given that in order to make the device works efficiently, it requires a certain repertory of movements.

Video documentation by Sophie Broadgate.
Watch DOUSING #1,
where this project is originated, from a collaborative short residency with Amy Lawrence and Arron Jolly, at the Penthouse.

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