Experimental installation
3-7.3.2014 | 3.33 | University of Salford – Mediacity UK
2014-2015 | EESAB Rennes

SOUND_DROP has been an experimental installation and a platform to render one simple, yet fundamental, process. The subject is an exploration of the stalagmite as a metaphor of time. Time as rhythm and by extension, sound. Stalagmites are also crucial to understand how a process is revealed in what it shapes, as a stalagmite is a layering of drops. The installation focuses on reproduced stalagmites as a study of an ecosystem. From that observation, a video camera transfers data to a programming software, translating it into an evolving soundscape, punctuated by glitches revealed both in sound and video projection as the drops fall. SOUND_DROP is not only about the contemplation of one phenomenon, it is a layering of a process into another process (mise en abime) ; the installation and its visible artefacts.

Photographies by Sophie Broadgate.

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